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5 November 2011

Where to begin?

So where does a beginner begin? At the start of course, and for me it starts with procrastination. That's right, I'll be the first to admit that I've strayed from my work to Google something to keep my brain stimulated. This lead me to TedTalks. There I found a seemingly endless supply of procrastination material. However it didn't feel like procrastinating and it didn't incite the same guilt. I felt like it was meaningful and I was onto something.

The talks which interested me the most were, understandably, those concerning astronomy, and physics. As I "worked" my way through these categories I was hungry for lunch, and then more astronomy and physics. 

I quickly realised that all the various telescopes around the world, and all the missions outside of this world had their own websites and media streams. The first I looked at and best, in my opinion, so far being that of the European Southern Observatory. What caught my attention straight away was the fabulous ESOcast series of videos on the site. These are presented by the very entertaining Dr. Joe Liske.

That was it. I had caught the bug and had begun reading and watching everything to do with astronomy. I was even able to dig around at  home and find some old astronomy magazines dating back to the Shoemaker-Levy collision with Jupiter.

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