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6 November 2011

Jupiter and the Moon

Finally! A night of clear skies came and I rushed outside with my neighbours telescope to see what I could see. I didn't know the sky, so in moth like fashion I went straight for the brightest objects.

I was able to make out the craters on the moon quite nicely through the 70mm refractor, then I turned to the next brightest object I could see; Jupiter. More than anything else, the view I had of the gas giant made me want to know and see everything I could of the cosmos.

People do say that when you see Jupiter, with it's reddish brown bands and it's moons, or Saturn and it's rings; you're hooked! That's exactly what happened to me.

Quite inspiring stuff! And I just had to show off my new soon-to-be-hobby with two consecutive home made wallpapers for my phone.

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