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8 November 2011


Now I knew I wanted a telescope of my own, and it was time to do some research. Lot's of research! You know when you're about to make a big purchase and you spend every available second of computer time absent mindedly Googling the hell out of it? That was me.

After much Google time and posing annoying questions to some professional and amateur astronomers I had an idea of what I wanted out of my telescope.

I was recommended a GOTO system early on but I wanted to learn the sky and felt that I'd benefit much more from a manual set up.

I also had a great interest in astrophotography so I needed a telescope which would allow me to eventually attach my camera to it and so I could image celestial objects. This, to me, meant I would need a German Equatorial mount.

I'm not sure why, but my heart seemed to sway toward a refracting telescope. From what I read on the forums, refractors seemed to be the favourite of astrophotographers. I also like this optical system because it seemed like the most portable and low maintenance.

Following these three informed decisions, more Google time ensued. This time however I was working my way through various online astronomy stores, weighing up prices, and homing in on the telescope that I would finally buy.

It was at home in Ireland however, where I bought my telescope. Thanks to the great help and advice of the folks at Astronomy Ireland in Dublin, I made my final decision.

Drum role!

My telescope would be a Celestron Omni XLT 120mm reftracting telescope.

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