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30 October 2013

Astronomy and Animation

I'm in the process of combining my two passions, animation and astronomy. One of these I chose as my career. Can you guess which one? Clue, it's not the one that's confined to hobby status.

Now, however, I'm trying to introduce astronomy into my animation work and one solution I've come up with is setting up an astronomy animation website dedicated to illustrative animation about astronomy. It will be freely available for anyone to use.

Below are some tested examples of the kind of thing I'm interested in doing.

P.s. I've also set up a film and animation studio with three friends after quitting my job at a stock media company which I had worked at for the last two and a half years. Check us out here!

P.p.s. We sent a jar of relish into the stratosphere!

10 October 2013

ISS Passing The Moon

Well, it's not much but here is my capture of the International Space Station passing close to the moon in the sky. It seems we might be a little too far south where we live to get a view of the ISS passing in front of the face of the moon. Shot these frames hand held, with my Nikon DSLR attached to my small Apochromatic refractor.

P.s. You might want to full screen it to see it properly.