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20 January 2013

DSO 7 - Atik 16IC First Light

I had some fun with my new (second hand) Atic 16IC mono CCD camera, attached to my 8" Ritchey Chretein.

The insert in the image below was taken with the above setup. The 16IC is still an incredibly sensitive camera, despite being a few years old now. I can't recall exactly but the image was taken with an exposure lower than sixty seconds, with one dark frame applied to counteract some hot pixels. 

It's so much fun imaging at this rate. I'm going to plan an imaging Moore Marathon some time.

14 January 2013

LSA - Lynx Space Academy

A special somebody sent me information about this competition and I signed up immediately. If anyone can take a moment to vote for me, I will love you forever!

I promise I'll write an article about it.

Silly me, I forgot to provide a link!
Click Here!

10 January 2013

BBC Stargazing Live - Series 3

So that's the end of another series of BBC Stargazing Live, and what a fantastic series it was! We even had some lovely clear skies to do a bit of inspired observing.

I just had to post this video. Eric Idle is a legend and I love the new scientifically correct version of the Galaxy Song from Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life. Doesn't it just put a smile on your face?

Also, i cannot wait to see Prof. Brian Cox new series, Wonders of Life. It looks absolutely amazing.