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24 November 2011

My Wikipedia story

Wikipedia is amazing.

I've used it since it was created ten years ago. However I think it has become something which people take for granted. We should feel lucky and privileged that there are exceptional projects like Wikipedia being run to further humanity and our understanding of our universe and existence.

Not to mention doing it for free.

If I need to know something, Wikipedia always includes itself in my thought process. It feels as natural as when I was a child and asked my parents to explain something I didn't understand. It is a strange and exciting period in humanity's time on earth. There are huge advancements in science and technology despite global financial problems and an ever growing population. However knowledge isn't something that should have to depend on money, because it is priceless and a fundamental part of who we are as a species.

So I would encourage every person to donate and support Wikipedia as much as they can. Instead of saying every euro or dollar counts, I'd prefer to phrase it this way; every person counts, because without people, knowledge would not exist. Thank you Wikipedia.

Click on my 'Thanks, Wikipedia' button if you'd like to make your own contribution.

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