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24 June 2013

My Favourite Science Fiction Films: List A

I've been thinking a lot about SciFi films recently. Mainly because of the sheer volume of them coming out in theatres nowadays, but also because of a personal project I'd begun working on earlier this year. It occurred to me to make a list of great SciFi films that I love, in order to introduce them to people who might not have seen them yet. Hopefully it will also encourage you guys to let me know of any that I've missed out on. The films will be divided into three separate lists; A, B, C, and D, but in no way are they in order of preference (Maybe just a little). I love them all. So here it goes, my favourite Science Fiction Films!

1. Contact
Contact (1997, Warner Bros.) 
Contact is one of my all time favourite Scifi movies, and books. It tackles one of the greatest 'what if' questions there is, and does so while adhering as much as possible to scientific accuracy and realism. Also, Jodie Foster is awesome!

2. October Sky
October Sky (1999, Universal Pictures)
Set in the Sputnik era, is another book adaptation in my list of favourites. Based on the novel Rocket Boys (October Sky being an anagram of the title) it follows a young mans passion for rocketry, and is one of the most charming and hopeful films I've seen. Not strictly Scifi, but enough science to make the cut.

3. Contagion
Contagion (2011, Warner Bros.)
Although not being the most successful film ever, Contagion falls into a certain hyper-realism in a similar spirit as Contact. The story follows various characters during the outbreak of a deadly virus. There is no mercy shown to some characters and as soon as we've been introduced to them, they fall ill and quickly perish. It's a very good incite into how our world reacts to a crisis. Warning: You will hate Jude Law after seeing this (but only for a while)

4. Sunshine
Sunshine (2007, DNA Films)
If this was a top 5 Scifi film run-down, this would be in it. Danny Boyles Sunshine is by far one of the best Scifi films ever made. In a race to replenish a cooling sun, Killian Murphy plays a physicist in a team of scientists charged with the task. It's oozing with beautiful visuals, a fabulous score, believable cast and a sense of the human spirit at it's best. For me, it somehow captures that inspirational feeling that drives us to space exploration in the first place.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, MGM)
An absolute classic, Stanley Kubriks 2001: A Space Odyssey is a must see. It chronicles the descent of man, from our humble beginnings to our space faring future. It's amazing. I won't give anything away because I'm still not all that sure that I understand it completely.

6. District 9
District 9 (2009, Tristar Pictures)
This film came out of nowhere. It's one of the most action pact Scifis out there. Set in Johannesburg, it follows the arrival of an alien ship and the resulting social issues which follow the integration of an alien species. This one's a must see.

7. Blade Runner
Blade Runner (1982, Warner Bros.)
Blade Runner is another classic, and should be part of anyones favourite Scifi movie list. It depicts a dystopian future (apparently six years from now) where human replicas and androids are among us. It is a great film which makes me think about the morality of creating artificial intelligence.

8. Apollo 13
Apollo 13 (1995, Universal Pictures)
Another great film, with a great cast. Apollo 13 follows Jim Lovell and his teams would-be expedition to the moon which went terribly wrong. Staying very true to the actual events, you might argue that this isn't Scifi but it's got a whole bunch of science. On a side note, this is a go-to film when playing the six degress of Kevin Bacon.

9. Moon
Moon (2009, Liberty Films UK)
From new coming director at the time, Duncan Jones, Moon is a about a lone astronaut stationed on the moon to extract important resources. This film quickly gets weird in a great way, and the production design is fantastic. You gotta see it!

10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977, Columbia Pictures Corporation)
Close Encounters is one of those films that just sticks in my memory from when I was boy. This classic has so many iconic scenes, many of which have been parodied by other productions, in TV and film. It also gives a great impression of the planets reaction to possible alien contact.

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