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15 February 2013

Meteor comes down over Russia

Some amazing footage of a meteor entering the atmosphere over Russia has been flying around the internet. As the Silver Surfer is the herald to Galactus, I can't help but feel like this relatively small meteor is the herald to the football field sized meteor 2012 DA14, which is projected to pass the Earth later today (Friday 15th). However, it seems to  be completely unrelated. Talk about a cosmic coincidence! Thank goodness for all the smartphones and surveillance cameras out there.

The friction of the atmosphere while the meteor passed through it caused a fire ball which lit up the streets and created shadows reminiscent of a sunny day.
After the spectacular show in the skies however, a large number of injuries have now been recorded due to the sound of the meteor shattering window glass for miles around as it tore through the atmosphere. As pretty as it is, it really brings home to us the fact that we're floating through space.

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