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18 January 2012

BBC Stargazing Exoplanet Search

It's back! BBC stargazing live with Prof. Brian Cox and our very own Dara O'Brien has started this week for a brand new series, and it's been fantastic so far.

Starting with the Moon on Monday 16th, each episode concentrates on a different aspect of astronomy. On the back of the new series, Zooniverse Planet Hunters has set a goal of classifying 250,000 stars in the search for extra-solar planets. After completely smashing the target, they are now aiming for a million classified stars by the evening of Wednesday 18th. As far as I can tell, there success is inevitable. 

It just goes to show the scale of the following and enthusiasm the field of astronomy has all over the world. Between my work, I have made my own contribution to the project but I'm sure it only made a quantum dent in the numbers.

This is a very exciting astronomical week! So, keep up the great science work everyone and don't forget to tune in for the rest of the Stargazing Live series on BBC2.

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